​There's a myriad of different mobile patient lifts on the market that comes in all sorts of sizes and with different functions. One thing they do however share is how they make patient hygiene easier to do for both patients and caretakers. Choosing which mobile patient lifts to acquire can however be a difficult task in itself. A recommended manufacturer would however be TR Equipment, a company that has ample experience and knowledge about making products for patient hygiene and transportation. 

Through their innovation and ability to accommodate to their customers' needs and wishes, they deliver high quality at an affordable price. There's plenty of reasons to get a mobile patient lift, the most obvious one being the ability to lift and carry patients into a bathtub or a shower, but the TR Equipment lifts also comes with a long lifetime, easy to understand controls and a commode seat with a lid.

Lessen the need for manual lifting

Since the bariatric shower chairs are battery-operated, there's less of a need for manual lifting which lessens the risk of injuries happening. It's a much more dignified way of assisting patients that are incapable of moving on their own with their hygiene. Since TR Equipment's lifts boasts with a long lifetime it's money well spent as you will not have to worry much about needing to replace any of the lifts anytime soon. 

Safety and simplicity is the core of their products and their bath lifts are no exception. It's a much cheaper alternative to work injuries too, where a caretaker otherwise is either incapable of working for weeks or must quit altogether due to said injuries. In comparison to that, getting mobile patient lifts are a cheap investment that makes both parties happier in the long run.​​